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Ecological block forming integrated solution

To carry out the pilot project of "no waste city" is a specific action to deeply implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and The State Council, and deepen the reform of comprehensive solid waste management from the overall level of the city
And to promote the construction of a "waste free society" is an important measure to enhance ecological civilization and build a beautiful China。

New capital of Egypt CBD project

  In 2015, the Egyptian government announced plans to build a new administrative, financial and commercial capital covering 750 square kilometers in the desert 45 kilometers east of Cairo in order to alleviate the growing population pressure in the capital。The new capital, located between Cairo and Suez on the Red Sea coast, is one of the key projects being implemented by the Egyptian government。

  In 2016, China State Construction signed a cooperation agreement with the Egyptian Ministry of Housing, Public Works and Urbanization to officially serve as the contractor of the new Capital CBD project。It is reported that the total construction area of the project is about 1.7 million square meters, including 20 towers, which will have a 385-meter super high-rise building。

  Due to the need to apply a large number of cement block products in the construction process of the project, after multiple investigations, China Construction chose the intelligent equipment of Quangong Stock - Zenit 1500 production line originated in Germany。

  At present, the project is in full progress, and on February 26, 2019, after 38 hours of continuous operation, the landmark tower was completed.850,000 square meters of concrete foundation rafts were poured, setting a new record for the pouring of large foundation rafts in the history of architecture in the Middle East and Africa, and the construction of the project accelerated。