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Party and mass organization

The Party branch of Fujian Quangong Co., Ltd. was established in December 2011。At present, the branch committee has 14 party members and probationary members, 4 key development objects, and 6 active party members。These comrades are widely distributed in the company's management and production, operation, technology, inspection and other frontline, It is the backbone of the enterprise and has played an important role in the high-quality development of the company。

The company has always taken "unswervingly listening to the Party and unswervingly following the Party" as its belief, adhered to the principle of "focusing on party building around the center and promoting development through Party building", vigorously strengthened the construction of party organizations and Party members, and gave full play to the core role of party organizations and the vanguard role of Party members in the Party Enterprise co-construction, strive to be the pioneer; The great cause of integrated solution operators of block molding equipment is moving forward。

Party and mass activities