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CCPA Ecological Concrete Masonry materials and engineering technicians base
Base introduction

       CCPA Ecological Concrete Masonry technical personnel training base, jointly founded by China Concrete and Cement Products Association and Fujian Quangong Co., LTD。As a talent skills training base, there are: equipment actual operation production line, production line process planning area, parts splitting maintenance area, mold maintenance area, finished masonry block display area, physical laboratory area, chemical laboratory area, electronic simulation 3D training room, training classroom and other training areas。

       The training base shoulders the mission of cultivating high-quality professional masonry production and management talents for the ecological concrete masonry industry,Talent training and operation management system for building ecological concrete masonry smart factory,Gradually establish and improve the training and evaluation system of ecological masonry skilled personnel,For the ecological concrete masonry industry to cultivate high-quality professional masonry production and management personnel as the goal。

Course arrangement

Course schedule and plan for 2024: A total of primary training courses9One series, each issue3天;

Course duration Beginning of class End of course time Application deadline
Phase one 1 月 24 日 1 月 26 日 1 月 22 日
Phase II 3 月 27 日 3 月 29 日 3 月 25 日
Phase III 4 月 24 日 4 月 26 日 4 月 22 日
Phase IV 5 月 22 日 5 月 24 日 5 月 20 日
5 月 27 日 5 月 31 日 5 月 25 日
The fifth phase 6 月 26 日 6 月 28 日 6 月 24 日
The sixth phase 7 月 24 日 7 月 26 日 7 月 21 日
The seventh phase 8 月 19 日 8 月 23 日 8 月 15 日
8 月 28 日 9 月 30 日 8 月 25 日
The eighth phase 9 月 25 日 9 月 27 日 9 月 23 日
Phase IX 10 月 21 日 10 月 25 日 10 月 20 日
10 月 29 日 10 月 31 日 10 月 26 日
Tenth phase 11 月 27 日 11 月 29 日 11 月 16 日
Eleventh issue 12 月 18 日 12 月 20 日 12 月 16 日
12 月 23 日 12 月 27 日 12 月 21 日

Note: For the specific course arrangement and plan, please consult the official website customer service or call the Admissions Office

Registration method

Through the website ( Fill in the registration form or call customer service to register。

Charging standard

Initial Training Courses:3500 RMB/person (including accommodation)。

Initial Training Courses:2500 RMB/person (including lunch, excluding other accommodation)。

Note: Participants who cannot attend the training due to personal reasons after paying the fee must report in advance。pre-class5The training fee can be refunded on the following day, and the training fee will not be refunded after the start of the class (including the start of the class day)。

Certificate issuance

Those who participate in the training and pass the examination will obtain the completion certificate issued by Fujian Quangong Co., LTD。